What a lovely day 🙂

Actually its really cloudy over here, but what made my day is email which a received from oneeyeland.com.

My photo “Black Widow” was awarded as a “Photo of the Day” at this page. It is so special to me because as they say on their website it is “One Island for finest images shot by the fines photographers”. Great honor to be recognized between this absolutely fantastic photographers.

Not many of you know the story behind this amazing fashion portrait. It is not just about darkness, widow and not even black story. If you will be interested to read a special blog about it, let me know in the comments and i will do it 🙂



Photo Info:

Photographer: Martina Nemčeková Photography

MUA: Martina Nemčeková

Model: Silvia Repová

Assistant: Martin Fatrdla




Keep on shooting 😉